Sharon Carter gets a new costume based on a Golden Age Marvel hero

Sharon Carter Destroyer costume
(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Steve Rogers' comic book paramour Sharon Carter has been a part of Steve's new team of so-called Invaders as Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty has headed into April's 'Cold War' crossover with Captain America: Symbol of Truth. 

Now, in March 1's Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #10, Sharon has taken on a new costume inspired by a Marvel Comics legacy that stretches all the way back to the Golden Age of comics.

Following the death of the character Roger Aubrey, the WWII-era character known as The Destroyer who has also been a civilian ally of Steve Rogers since his retirement, Sharon Carter has taken up a new costume which resembles the skull-faced look of the Destroyer, designed by Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty series artist Carmen Carnero.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Marvel promises the design, seen here, will also appear on an upcoming Captain America variant cover.

Beyond the new skull mask, Sharon's new look is based around her classic white jumpsuit look that she's worn since her introduction as Agent 13 back in the '60s. It also includes a corset-like waist cincher and heeled boots - costume elements that have been called impractical for women in some examples. 

That said, Sharon's version of that sort of look also appears to be much more armor based, with the waist cincher seemingly providing protection to her kidneys and vital organs, along with full on armored bits on the shoulders and neck.

Marvel hasn't fully identified Sharon as the new Destroyer just yet. However the publisher also promises that her new costume is "the latest step in the bold journey the creative team has in store for one of Marvel’s most iconic espionage agents."

Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty #11 goes on sale April 5.

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