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SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League: Week 6

This chart is based on the poll results voted for by you, for episodes that had their debut screening this past week in the UK:

Lots of movement up the chart this week, and while that can be partly explained by the fact that there are two fewer shows in the list ( Continuum and The Secret Of Crickley Hall both having ended their runs the previous week) that doesn’t negate some impressive leaps up the chart by Merlin and Misfits . The standout performance of the week has to be The Walking Dead , though, with a voters’ score of as near to perfect as we’ll see in a long while, we’re guessing.

At the arse-end of the chart, Grimm continues its humdrum run of episodes, while a better instalment of Alphas (and the fewer shows on the list) didn’t help Alphas much as far as you were concerned. And what happened with American Horror Story: Asylum ? Huge plummet there.

(Note to regular readers of this column: sorry it’s a day late – normal service will be resumed)