SFX TV Sci-Fi Championship League Of The Week: 3

This chart is based on the poll results voted for by you, for episodes that had their debut screening this week in the UK:

1 (+3) Fringe “The Bullet That Saved The World” (Your score: 4.924; SFX score 5/5)
2 (+3) The Almighty Johnsons “Everything Starts With Gaia” (Your score: 4.5; SFX score 4.5/5)
3 (+12) Haven “Magic Hour, Part 1” (Your score: 4.428; SFX score 4/5)
4 (+4) American Horror Story: Asylum “Nor’easter” (Your score: 4.388; SFX score (4.5/5)
5 (+5) Arrow “An Innocent Man” (Your score: 4.307; SFX score (4/5)
6 (-3) Grimm “Quill” (Your score: 4.227; SFX score (4/5)
7 (+9) Misfits Episode Three (Your score: 4.157; SFX score (3.5/5)
8 (-7) The Walking Dead "Say The Word" (Your score: 3.979; SFX score 3.5/5)
9 (+4) The Vampire Diaries “The Killer” (Your score: 3.964; SFX score 4/5)
10 (+4) Wizards Vs Aliens “Rebel Magic” (Your score: 3.928; SFX score (3/5)
11 (-5) Merlin "A Lesson In Vengeance" (Your score: 3.906; SFX score 3.5/5)
12 (-) Alphas “Falling” (Your score: 3.888; SFX score 3.5/5)
13 (-6) Continuum “Playtime” (Your score: 3.869; SFX score (3.5/5)
14 (-5) Switch Episode Five (Your score: 3.4; SFX score 3/5)

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Lots of movement this week, and an absolutely astonishing score from you for Fringe in the number one position. Good to see a very good episode of Haven propel the show up into the top three from the nether regions of the chart last week. Misfits is finally getting some well-deserved love (maybe people are getting used to the new characters?) and we suspect tonight’s episode may do really well in next week’s chart (it's a corker). Warehouse 13 and Red

Dave Golder
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