SFX Special Edition: The Paranormal

Ghosts and ghouls are the subject of our latest chilling SFX special...

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Brace yourself for some serious scares as the latest SFX Special Edition goes on sale today (23 November)! Click here to buy it now .

Amazing free gifts!

As well as a magazine packed with ghostly goodness, you'll also get a spooky ghost keyring, a sheet of stickers and an amazing Arrow films cult horror movie calander exclusive to SFX !

Terror Tales

Angry Robot author Guy Haley, Simon Clark and novelist James Lovegrove will get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up with a pair of terrifically frightening stories.

Interview Galore!

We speak to Being Human creator Toby Whithouse about his plans for Annie and the ghosts in the next series, speak to Woman In Black director James Watkins, collar the so-called 'sexiest man in spiritualism' Derek Acorah and discuss ghost story love with Her Fearful Symmetry author Audrey Niffenegger.

Top 50 Ghost Stories Ever

As voted for by you, check out our run down of the best chilling tales ever told in books, TV and film...

Ghosties UK

We take a tour round the most haunted pubs in the country, examine the UK's scariest monsters and take a look back at terrifying TV play The Stone Tape .

Plus Loads More!

Don't miss out on the ten best Supernatural episodes, exclusive extracts from new Dark Horse comic The Occultist , a look at new Brit flick The Awakening , a round-up of the best ghost fiction out there right now and much more besides...

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You can of course subscribe to the SFX Collections to ensure you never miss one like this! Also, Whovians! Don't forget to check out SFX Presents Doctor Who: The Fanzine , also out today! All our SFX special editions are all (eventually) being made available on the Apple Newsstand and on Zinio too so be sure to check out the digital versions of these mags when they're available.

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