SFX Needs Your Best Doctor Who-Related Photos!

Got any photos of yourself with Who stars that you’re particularly proud of? Got any you’re particularly embarrassed by? SFX wants to see them (and share them with the world)

Here at SFX we love Doctor Who (you may have noticed) and we love getting our photos snapped with stars or on film or sets (hell, we’re just fanboys and girls who just got lucky, after all, as the photo here proves). And we know a lot of you lot do as well. That’s why we want the combination of these things off you!

To explain: in a future SFX magazine we want to print a page of Who fans’ proudest photos. We want to see you standing next to Tom Baker in a zoo; next to Davros on the set on “Revelation Of The Daleks” that you sneaked onto; hugging Billie Piper but embarrassingly your flies are down; dressed as a Sea Devil for that fancy dress party you attended – in the rain; or that Doctor Who tattoo that you’re particularly proud of (as long as it’s not anywhere unprintable).

You get the picture. Or rather, we hope we do… when you send it to us. The funnier and quirkier the better and the more chance of being published. And if there’s an anecdote attached please feel free to let us know it.

We can’t guarantee to publish all photos; only successful snappers will be notified. There are no prizes except for the glory of having your picture in SFX ! Which is a kind of immortality.

Please submit your photos by using this entry system (we have to do it this way now for company policy reasons), and if you have an anecdote to accompany it then email Russell.Lewin@futurenet.com with all the details.


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