SFX Issue 98

December 2002

Regular feature:

My Sci-Fi: Matt Lucas

Famous to some as Shooting Stars ’ George Dawes, famous to others from Rock Profiles . Ladies and gentlemen, Mr Matt Lucas!

Favourite sci-fi or fantasy TV series?
“I loved The Box Of Delights when I was a kid. It was a real event. They kept saying in all the papers how it was the most expensive childrens’ show ever, and everyone used to watch. Patrick Troughton was great in it, and apparently Nick Berry was in it as a rat. I also used to to make a date with Chocky . When I was very young I used to love Rentaghost but I found the theme quite scary because of Claypole’s laugh at the end.”

Favourite sci-fi or fantasy book?
“Well, I just finished Stephen King’s On Writing . It was the first book of his that I’ve read, and I was so captivated that I went out and bought The Dead Zone , which I’ve just started.”

All-time sci-fi or fantasy hero?
“I will have to say the Doctor, if only because I’ve worked with two of them. Tom Baker narrates Little Britain , our radio (and soon-to-be TV) series. He’s a hilarious man, very charming, always fascinating. I worked with Sir Colin Baker on one of the Doctor Who audio books. He was a good laugh too. I have met Sly McCoy, when he came to one of mine and Dave’s shows many years ago at the Edinburgh Festival. I have never met Peter Davison, though I once saw him on the platform at Belsize Park tube station, which excited me greatly, and I was supposed to do a sketch with Jon Pertwee on Saturday Night Live but unfortunately he died. David Walliams, who I work with, saw him in a Who stage musical and apparently he waited outside the stage door and if you looked upstairs at this dressing room, there was a frosted glass window and you could just about make him out and he was wandering around his dressing room in purple y-fronts which is a very nice thought.”