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SFX Issue 206

Zack Snyder proves there’s more to girl power than early ’90s pop as the gun-totin’ dragon huntin’ Sucker Punch girls take centre stage

On sale Wednesday 9 February , also available to buy digitally for £2.56.

If the thought of the director of Watchmen , 300 and Dawn Of The Dead making a film he himself describes as ‘ Alice In Wonderland with machineguns’ doesn’t excite you, then our lead feature this month certainly will. We speak to Zach Snyder about girls, guns, and a little film he’s got in the pipeline featuring a certain Kryptonian...

The votes are in and it’s time to reveal the winners of the SFX Sci-Fi Awards 2011, including a few that weren’t revealed at the Weekender. Place your bets now…

Like a furious bat winging its way out of hell in a ’69 Charger, Nic Cage’s latest is a festival of cars and carnage. We caught up with the man himself to talk anger issues and why the time for 3D’s time has arrived.

Our illustrious leader went all the way to Canada to get the low down on Bioware’s latest addition to the award winning swords and sorcery game, and it’s looking pretty damn good.

Well? Was it you? No? Ok, we’ll let you off, but someone out there killed the humble space-set TV show, and we’ve set out to find the culprit.

As it turns out, we actually loved him when he was angry, enough to make The Incredible Hulk one of the most iconic and successful superhero TV shows ever. We reminisce on what made it so special with the producers and the mighty Lou Ferrigno.


Battlestar Galactica and Dollhouse man Jamie Bamber, Canadian fantasy wizard Steven Erikson and the sci-fi survivor and geek hero Wil Wheaton get the profile treatment.

Retro Features

We get all misty eyed looking back on classic Italian sci-fi, keep things local with The League Of Gentlemen and anatomise A Matter Of Life And Death .

Don’t Miss:

Wishlist: The Munsters is heading for a reboot, so we’ve taken a look at what would make the world sit up and pay attention to the other scary American family.

Spoiler Zone : Medium and Caprica bow out (sniff), but there's a brace of new shows in the form of brooding superhero The Cape and the Beeb's very own Outcasts . All of that plus Primeval , V , Supernatural , No Ordinary Family and loads more pack out this month's spoiler zone.

  • We find out how all-new ‘adult fantasy’ show Game Of Thrones is shaping up and speak to author of the books it’s based on, George RR Martin.
  • We get a sneak peek of the all-new look that those lovely folks at Doctor Who: Confidential have rustled up for their show.
  • We speak to the daddy of modern comics, Mr Stan Lee, and find out what we can expect from Marvel’s forthcoming cross-over event Fear Itself .

Rated: The Green Hornet , Never Let Me Go , Season Of The Witch , Gnomeo And Juliet , Despicable Me , Doctor Who The Ark , K-9 Series One , Tremors , Dead Space 2 and much, much more…

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