SFX Issue 197

The SFX Hot 50 lead the charge in our scorching hot summer issue

US cover variant

Don’t worry dear readers, you’re not going mad, those are two completely different covers you see before you. We’ve gone all variant for SFX 197 and made a special Twilight cover for certain US retailers to celebrate vampire month. Only the Predators cover will be available to UK readers – whether that’s a good or bad thing we’ll let you decide!

Value pack

You might have noticed in select retailers you can now buy a bargaintastic value bundle of SFX and sister magazine Total Film for a mere £5.99, not bad eh? We don’t have to tell you how great SFX is but if you’re craving a non-SF fix (it’s ok, even we get them sometimes) it’s the perfect pairing.


The SFX Hot 50

It’s sizzling back into action – the SFX Hot 50 has returned for its second year to sear a hole through the heart of the science fiction industry. This isn’t your average “most powerful” list though, only the most electrifying talents working in sci-fi today made the cut, and we were brutal. Megan Fox? Yesterday’s news. Robert Pattinson, who he? Want to know where your favourite actors, writers, directors and developers came in our list? Check out issue 197 to find out.

Game Time

Let’s face it, apart from a couple of ace computer games, the humble Predator has been messed about ever since the powers that be decided to pit the universe’s deadliest killer against Danny Glover. And have Glover win. We’ve always liked to pretend AvP 1&2 never happened and that’s going to be a whole lot easier when Robert Rodriguez takes the dreadlock assassins back to their roots for Predators. Find out why it’s going to rock from the mouth of producer Robert Rodriguez in our huge behind-the-scenes feature.

The Summer Of SF Reading

It’s the second month of bonus books coverage in SFX to celebrate The Summer Of SF Reading including The 100 Writers Who Shaped Science Fiction: Part 2, a look back at the life and works of H P Lovecraft and Bookclub: The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Whether you're Team Edward, Team Jacob or Team Bella (were not sure that team actually exists but were all about equal rights here) you’ll love our in-depth preview of the latest instalment in Stephenie Meyers’ phenomenally popular franchise. We chat exclusively to writer Melissa Rosenberg and producer Wyck Godfrey.

Heroes & Inspirations: Ronald D Moore

Ever wondered what makes the Battlestar man tick? Curious how classic rock, The Sopranos and Lawrence Of Arabia have shaped one of this generations shining beacons of sci-fi. Then look no further as we delve deep and probe the mind of Ron D Moore (and find out what that “D” stands for!)

Retro Features

We Rewind back to 1978 for a nostalgic look back at Blake’s 7 and take the TARDIS back to Stanley Kubrick’s controversial 1971 classic A Clockwork Orange, even though most of you probably didn’t see it till the ‘90s!


True Blood’s shaggy shapeshifter Sam Trammell tells us about his (dog’s) life on the set of True Blood season three, Josh Brolin talks Jonah Hex and the wild, wild west and Carter USM’s Jim Bob tells us about his new book. Yep, Jim Bob wrote a book!

Don’t Miss:

Wishlist : Pirates Of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides – Everything Disney needs to know about how to transport the Pirates franchise back to the glory days of Curse Of The Black Pearl in one cheeky spread.

Spoiler Zone : Doctor Who! Lost! Ashes To Ashes! Stargate Universe! Medium! FlashForward! Ghost Whisperer! Smallville! Supernatural! Fringe! The Vampire Diaries! And breath…

Big Shot : Inception – no we have no idea what it’s all about either. Warning: picture may make you dizzy.

  • Futurama ’s back from the dead…again! We get the first word on what’s in store for the crew of the Planet Express from show runner David X Cohen.
  • Shambling off the page and onto a screen near you this autum the potentially brilliant adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead . He tells us what to expect.
  • Stephen King might be one of the most revered authors in the history of horror fiction but adaptations of his work on the small screen generally range from watchably bad to torture material. We’ve got high hopes for Haven though based on King’s The Colorado Kid. Find out what it’s all about inside.
  • Big blue Thundercats, Ho! Ahem. What we meant to say was James Cameron isn’t finished with Pandora and the Na’vi just yet. The King Of The World talks Avatar 2 re-releases, special editions and sequels.
  • The toys are back in town. Oh hang on, wasn’t that the tag line for Toy Story 2? Either way the toys are back in town for Toy Story 3 to terrorize a nursery no less. They should be ashamed of themselves.
  • Could Cloverfield 2 be on the cards? Matt Reeves tells us it’s closer than you think, only in Red Alert
  • Clarke nominated author Marcel Theroux heads Far North into a future Siberia turned Old West by global warming, and writes a book about it. Read his harrowing account in SFX 197.
  • Could web series Riese “pull a Sanctuary” and make a leap to the small screen? Co-creator Ryan Copple tells us what to expect.

Rated: Iron Man 2, Prince Of Persia, The Wolfman, Heartless, the new Charlaine Harris Dead In The Family, Astonishing Spider-Man And Wolverine and Alan Wake.

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