SFX Issue 15

August 1996


Douglas Adams, homo sapien: an irreverent view

The world seems to have a shortage of heroes right now. If you had to choose two, who would they be?

“I’m afraid I would have to agree – there’s no-one from this day and age who immediately springs to mind. My choices, therefore, would be JS Bach for giving the world such sublime music, and PG Wodehouse for never failing to make me laugh.”

Do you have anything or anybody you really hate?

“Three things always work their way to the top of my most despised list: airline food, hairless cats and Michael Portillo.”

Who is your all-time favourite screen comedian?

“That is a tough one, but I think it would have to be John Cleese.”

If you were asked to meet one of the characters from one of your stories, who would it be?

“Funnily enough, somebody asked me a similar question recently. However, I still hold by my answer that I cannot think of anything more embarrassing. As I said then, the one I would select would be the Hooloovoo in The Hitchhiker’s Guide . The creature has the utterly redeeming feature of not expecting any small talk.”

Music plays a very important part in your life. What do you do to keep your interests going?

“I have a fair old collection of left-handed guitars which I play whenever I have time. I also love to do music programming on computers and synths. In fact, I like to daydream that I’m still young enough to make it as rock musician.”

Will you keep working until the Grim Reaper beckons you away?

“No. I’d much prefer to spend more time, in old age, being a willing spectator of the culinary arts. Enjoying my family would be another most pleasurable pastime.”

On that note, are you religiously inclined in any way?

“Yes. I am utterly convinced that there is no such thing as a god.”