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SFX Awards Winners Announced

Doctor Who , Inception and Terry Pratchett amongst the big winners

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The results, straight from The SFX Weekender…

Best Novel

I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett ( click here to see Terry’s acceptance speech)

Runners up:

Kraken by China Miéville
The Midnight Mayor by Kate Griffin?The Passage by Justin Cronin
The Passage by Justin Cronin

Best Actor

Matt Smith ( Doctor Who )

Runners up

David Tennant ( Doctor Who )
Leonardo DiCaprio ( Inception )
Robert Downey Jr ( Iron Man 2 )

Message from Matt Smith: “Thank you so much to the readers of SFX for voting for me. I’m really proud to have won this award and it’s amazing to receive such fantastic support from fans of the show. I’d also like to thank the team at SFX who have continued to produce brilliant coverage on the show – the magazine’s 3D lenticular cover last April was incredible and a real highlight for everyone involved in Doctor Who.”

Best Actress

Karen Gillan ( Doctor Who )


Chloe Moretz ( Kick-Ass )
Yvonne Strahovski ( Chuck )
Zoe Saldana ( Avatar )

Message from Karen: “Wooah! I really wasn't expecting that! I'm completely honoured that the cool cats who read SFX have voted me best actress! Basically I'm trying to say thanks to each and every reader who took the time to vote. I would also like to thank the Doctor Who production team who work so hard every day to make this show a success. And a big thank you to Matt and Arthur for making the TARDIS team such fun to be in.

“We are back on your screens this spring with some seriously scary stuff going down. So look out....”

Best Comic Or Graphic Novel

Sponsored by Comic Heroes magazine

Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8 by Joss Whedon and Georges Jeanty ( click here to see the acceptance speech)


Batman And Robin by Grant Morrison and various artists
The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard
The Marvels Project by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting

Best Videogame

Sponsored by MCM Expo

Super Mario Galaxy 2


God Of War 3
Mass Effect 2
Final Fantasy XIII

Best Collectable, Model Or Toy

Sponsored by Alchemy

Eleven Doctors action figure set from Character Options


Movie t-shirts from Last Exit to Nowhere
Starfleet badge replicas from Quantum Mechanix
Marvel/Star Wars headphones from Coloud

Best TV Show

Sponsored by Top Trumps

Doctor Who

True Blood

Best TV Episode

The last ever episode of Ashes To Ashes


Doctor Who : “Vincent And The Doctor”
Supernatural : “Swan Song”
True Blood : “Everything Is Broken”

Message from Matthew Graham: “I'm very sorry not to be attending what I'm sure is an extremely sober and civilized event carried out in a calm, orderly fashion. Sadly I was nicked whilst 'taffing a crate load of hooky smokes from Froggyland. Old Bill got leery so me and Ronnie The Roach had to go to town with a couple of sawn-offs. Pretty soon The Dog And Duck looked like the Battle Of Bleedin' Trafalgar and it all ended with Yours Truly looking down the business-end of a 5-stretch. But as they say in Spain- Que sera. Which means ‘kiss my arse’ in Queen's English.

“There's so many people I'd like to thank – but sadly they're all either dead or in stir.

“SFX has always been a stalwart supporter of both Hunt incarnations for which we are all extremely grateful. This award is the glace cherry on top of the black forrest gateau.

“Many many thanks and have a great night. And try not to behave like low-life slags or we'll send the rozzers in.”

Best Film Director

Edgar Wright for Scott Pilgrim Vs The World ( click here to see Edgar’s acceptance speech)


Christopher Nolan for Inception
James Cameron for Avatar
Lee Unkrich for Toy Story 3

Best Film


Toy Story 3

Sci-Fi Phenomenon Award

Sponsored by Skyline

Doctor Who

SFX Outstanding Contribution Award

Terry Pratchett ( click here to see Terry’s acceptance speech)

SFX Breakout Of The Year


SFX Hope For The Future

Sponsored by Red Faction: Armageddon

Gareth Edwards, director of Monsters ( click here to see Gareth’s acceptance speech)

SFX Cult Hero

Russell Tovey

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