This sexy Mario statue is NSFW and definitely UNOFFICIAL... but we can't help but laugh

Nintendo would obviously never approve a statue like this, but that doesn't mean it can't exist anyway. We feel bad for Dr Mario that someone should capture the exact moment his gaze wanders from the task at hand, which is obviously examining Toad for an acute case of cuteness. But we're glad they did - his expression is priceless.

Above: That's a reflex hammer he's holding, by the way. For tapping knees. Uh-huh...

It's the work of KodyKoala, an artist who makes and sells figurines based on videogames, mainly from the world of Nintendo. This piece is a one-off and not for sale, but is actually available to win. Mr Koala is offering the statue to whoever can come up with the best idea for another custom figurine. If you're interested, you can find out more on his site (opens in new tab), where you'll also find pictures of his other works, including this one which we think is pretty damn cool.

Above: Ooh, the tension! Better make your mind up quick, Mario...

Reminiscent of our Video game characters zombified (opens in new tab) feature, no?

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