Sexy fan art: Bayonetta edition

Bayonetta’s scintillating goth pinup charms are sure to earn her a place among the sexiest game characters of all time (the stiletto-heel pistols help, too.) It’s no wonder that she’s already inspired legions of fans to create a trove of sexy fan art. The artists represented on the following pages were finalists in “Bayonetta Re-envisioned,” a fan art contest put together by Sega and It’s a whole lotta love for a game that, at the time of the competition, wasn’t even out yet! Congrats to all the amazing artists who devotedly rendered Bayonetta in their own unique styles. But a special shout goes to Niccolo Balce, whose winning illustration appears on page 3.

by Darren Geers

by Jamie Tyndall

by Jason Meek

by Autumn Lorne