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Sexy equal opportunities swimsuit action in brand new Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer

Yesterday we partially filled your insatiable fact-bags with news of Tekken Tag Tournament 2's swimsuit pre-order bonus. Over 150 swimsuits for all of the game's characters - women, men, animals. Now, making an entrance right on cue, is a wonderfully sexy Tekken Tag Tournament 2 trailer showing some of those equal opportunity swimsuits in action. Dazzle your eyes with the skimpy yet refreshingly non-discriminatory allure...

Bit of a shame there's still no confirmed bearkini for Kuma (and how come sumo-boy Ganryu actually gets to wear more clothes?), but other than that it's all looking perfectly fabulous. Although Nina Williams' bewb physics at the end there are a prime example of what technology experts like myself are calling the 'uncanny mammary valley'.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 will be out in September for PS3 and 360. Wii U version arriving at a later date. If all that has put you in the mood for more swimsuit-themed videogame related nonsense, feel free to browse some of our own swimsuit-themed videogame related nonsense.

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