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Sex and science

Mike Myers is back, and from the looks of this first trailer for The Love Guru, the spirit (mojo?) of Austin Powers was just lying dormant, waiting to spring out in a new form. Powers fans will find plenty to enjoy with Myers playing a bloke left as a baby on the steps of an Ashram who learns the secret arts of being a love guru. A Canadian hockey team recruits him to help their unfocused star player get back together with his wife.

AOL has the footage.

Dark Matter, meanwhile, isn’t the latest sci-fi epic but a drama about a gifted Chinese Student who lands his dream position studying for a Ph.D. in physics in the US. Trouble is, while he’s a genius, he’s got Aidan Quinn as his equally driven tutor and things don’t exactly work out well between them.

With the likes of Meryl Streep bolstering the cast, the trailer can be found at .

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