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Seven-part Dredd miniseries on the way

Ever since Dredd hit our screens back in 2012, fans have been crying out for a sequel, with star Karl Urban repeatedly banging the drum for a potential return as the titular law-enforcer.

And while a big-screen follow-up remains elusive, fans will still have something to get their teeth into, with producer Adi Shankar planning a seven-part Dredd miniseries.

The show will form part of Shankar’s Bootleg Universe which includes fellow comic-book spin-offs, Punisher: Dirty Laundry and Venom: Truth In Journalism .

According to The Wrap , Shankar has been working on the project in secret for the last two years, with the new miniseries set to be released for free next month.

There’s no word as to whether Urban or Olivia Thirlby will feature in the series, but given that Thomas Jane appeared in Shankar’s Punisher spin-off, we live in hope…

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