Session is the unofficial Skate 4 that you've been dreaming about, coming to Xbox One and PC next year

While Skate 4 sadly wasn't announced as an E3 2018 game at Electronic Arts' press conference yesterday, Microsoft came out running with something equally enticing at its own E3 briefing this morning in Los Angeles. 

Project Session has been known about for some time as the next best thing to a Skate sequel; a skateboarding sim game in development by the France-based Crea-ture Studios, backed on Kickstarter and hotly talked about for its promise a potential successor to EA's long dormant sports-action franchise. 

Today, Microsoft announced that Session, as its now officially known, is coming to PC and Xbox One as a console exclusive, and Crea-ture Studios was on the scene with a brand new trailer to show off everything the game has to offer. Have a look below, and see what you think. 

Yep, that looks like Skate 4 in all but name, but the question is whether Session can live up to that promise with its independent, crowdfunded budget under the curation of a studio that's relatively new to the genre. It does promise a realistic focus on the hobby, and the visuals look rather stellar, so I'm hopeful that Crea-ture has the talent to pull it all off. 

While the trailer didn't give off any specific launch windows, we do know that Crea-ture has previously stated that Session will be releasing in 2019, so hopefully the studio plans to stick to that timeline now that an Xbox One and PC launch is firmly in the books. 

You can download a PC demo from the game's Kickstarter page in the meantime, though, which lets you freely try out Session's bespoke skating controls for yourself. 

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Alex Avard

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