Sega to create more Marvel games

Marvel and Sega are expanding their relationship to bring more superhero licenses to the Sonic developer's bustling farm, including rights to The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America.

The trio of comic franchises bolsters Sega's existing deal to make games based on the Iron Man comic, which has both a film and game slated for release next year.

The first title to emerge from the expanded partnership will be a new game based on the upcoming Incredible Hulk flick (which we hear will star Edward Norton as the green chap - hmmm), released "in the same timeline as the film" which is due in 2008.

David Maisel, Chairman of Marvel Studios said of the deal: "Video games are an ideal medium to showcase the appeal and excitement of our Super Hero franchises... SEGA is one of the industry's most innovative game developers and we are thrilled to partner with them."

Here's hoping Sega puts its magic hands to work on the comic licenses, and we don't end up with more tainted heroes alongside our beloved blue hedgehog.