Sega signs Bizarre shooter

Bizarre Creations, the developer behind Geometry Wars and Project Gotham Racing 3, has announced that it is developing a next-gen third-person shooter named The Club.

To be published by Sega in 2007 on next-gen consoles only, the team is promising that this anarchic and slightly cartoony-looking shooter will be faster and darker than even the likes of Black, while also offering online and solo-shooting fun.

An urban legend of sorts, The Club mimics Fight Club mashed up with Surviving the Game where hardened criminals compete in a deadly game of deathmatch gunplay for the benefit of online gamblers placing wagers on the outcome. The Club itself is described by Sega Vice President of Marketing Scott A. Steinberg as "delivering that visceral thrill of high-stakes gambling [that] tosses in a heavy dose of frenzied gunplay."

But unlike those big softies in Fight Club, there are no rules to these gun battles, except that you have to be quick, relentless and kill with style. For the motto of this place and its short-lived members is "Kill or be killed."

While solid facts about this shooter are still extremely rare, we've been invited to visit Sega's inner sanctum next week for a secret showing of The Club, so keep coming back for that and more of our exclusive E3 coverage.

May 5, 2006