Sega launches urinal gaming in Japan

Want to prove that your number one is #1? Then head down to Tokyo, where Sega is introducing one of the most head-turning gaming concepts of all time.We mentionedthem last month, and here they are, with more details.

Set to be installed at four flagship metro stations in Tokyo, the "Toylet" has a sensor built into the urinal, and a connected LCD TV that measures various metrics of the expelled waste, like how fast and how much is coming out. The games are completely 100% urine controlled.

Players will be able to compete in four mini-games:

  • Manneken Pis: Players are scored based on how much liquid is captured by the urinal's sensor.
  • Graffiti Eraser: This one's all about force. Players must try to make their stream as forceful as possible to clear away a graffiti-infested wall.
  • The North Wind and Her: If you can keep it down, this game requires players to hit the target with short, powerful blasts to cause a girl's skirt to lift up. Uh...
  • Milk From Nose: Players again try to score the strongest and longest flow, which is delightfully depicted as an on-screen sumo wrestler squirting milk from his nose. If you have a better performance that whoever the last player was, your sumo wrestler wins.

Oh, and just in case you didn't feel unsanitary enough, you can also bring your flash drive with you and download your high score. Directly from the urinal. Yep.

Some say Sega's presence has gone down the toilet ever since it pulled the plug on the Dreamcast. Well, now the publisher is turning urine into gaming gold. Sega expects to make money on the unseemly venture by selling ads on the TV screens in between game sessions.

[Source: Akihabara]

Jan 10, 2011