Sega launches official Sonic the Hedgehog Roblox game

Sonic Speed Simulator
(Image credit: Sega/Gamefam)

There's a new 3D open-world Sonic game out now, but it's not Sonic Frontiers

Sega has teamed up with Roblox developer Gamefam to launch Sonic Speed Simulator, a new 3D Sonic game available inside Roblox. The game is in a paid closed beta state right now, but if you can wait a few days it'll be free-to-play starting this weekend on Saturday, April 16 at 7am PT / 10am ET. Check out the trailer below:

"Sonic Speed Simulator is the fastest game in Roblox and features everyone's favorite speedster, Sonic the Hedgehog," reads the official synopsis. 

The game lets you zip around various worlds and through classic Sonic loops and obstacles solo or with friends to earn rewards, including different Sonic character skins and pets to increase your stats. Likewise, If Roblox players manage to rack up 10,000 "likes" for Sonic Speed Simulator, they'll unlock an exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog skin for their avatar.

"We've worked closely with SEGA to create an official Sonic the Hedgehog experience on Roblox that will authentically delight the hundreds of millions of Blue Blur fans around the world," said Gamefam CEO Joe Ferencz. "We're proud that SEGA entrusted our talented team of creators to bring Sonic to the metaverse and deliver the highest velocity, and probably best-looking, game in Roblox history!"

Sonic fans eagerly awaiting that other 3D Sonic game can check out Sonic Speed Simulator in Roblox on PC, tablet, mobile devices, and on Xbox consoles by downloading the Roblox app.

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