See what PUBG looks like on Xbox One vs. Xbox One X in this side-by-side comparison video

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has arrived on Xbox One, complete with Xbox One X enhancements for players entering the fray with Microsoft's latest console. But what do these enhancements actually do for your play experience in practical terms? That's what we aimed to find out in the new side-by-side comparison you see above. Give it a watch and see which platform you want to take into battle.

Let's be real: neither version is what you'd call gorgeous. But even high-powered gaming PCs struggle with PUBG; the game still has a lot of polishing and optimizing left to do as it nears version 1.0 on PC (slated to arrive December 20). As for which console version looks better, the clear winner is, duh, Xbox One X, with more stable framerates and sharper textures. The original Xbox One version dips dangerously close to slideshow territory during the initial skydive. Thankfully, it evens out once you touch the ground and the system doesn't have so much terrain to render. If any part of the game has to be super-framey, it's probably for the best that it's skydiving, given that nobody has guns yet.

Before you get too put off by the performance problems, remember that PUBG is in the Xbox Game Preview program; much like Steam Early Access, it's a way for players to try out a game ahead of its full release version and assist in development. Problems are to be expected, and there's still a lot of time left for the game to shape up on console. If PUBG on Xbox One looks a little too janky for you in its current state, no worries - just remember to check back in and see how it's doing a few months from now.

Connor Sheridan

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