See The Last of Us 2 characters meditate while flying through the air in the debug mode

The Last of Us 2
(Image credit: Naughty Dog)

A dataminer has uncovered the custom pose that Naughty Dog assigns characters while you're in debug flying mode in The Last of Us 2.

Below, you can see a tweet from renowned dataminer and modder Lance McDonald, who can frequently be found tearing up FromSoftware games. This time though, McDonald has turned his attention to The Last of Us 2 and, as you can see below, highlights the fact that its characters assume a meditating pose while you're flying them through the air in the game's debug mode.

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It seems as though McDonald is turning his attention to Naughty Dog's sequel of late. Just yesterday, the modder published a video where he'd managed to unlock the game's debug camera mode, and was flying around with an untethered camera during the sequel's introductory credits sequence. As Joel goes riding majestically into Jackson City with Tommie, the game's camera goes flying off the back of the character and into the surrounding scenery.

It was just last month when McDonald finally released his unofficial Bloodborne 60FPS patch for the world to use. After beavering away at the project in his spare time for well over a year, the modder finally got FromSoftware's game to hit a stable 60FPS on PS4, with every aspect of the game, including character models, animations, and more running at the boosted frame rate.

Currently, you can actually download and install the unofficial Bloodborne 60FPS mod on your PS4, if you're looking to give FromSoftware's gothic classic a run for its money on Sony's last-gen console. For instructions on how to do just that, head over to Lance McDonald's Patreon page for more. If you've ever wondered whether Bloodborne could feel any better to play, this will put that question to bed.

If you're still venturing through Naughty Dog's sequel, head over to our guide on The Last of Us 2 safe codes and combinations for instructions on how to crack every safe in the game.

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