See The First Pictures Of The Descent 2

The first production photos from The Descent 2 have arrived online, thanks to a still photographer called Ollie Upton. Cheers Ollie!

As you can see if you look below (the rest are in the gallery to your right), the sequel appears to mimic the tone and style of its predecessor, despite the absence of Neil Marshall at the helm.

Instead, Jon Harris, the editor of Snatch, Stardust and Kick-Ass has made his directorial debut with the movie.

US Ending Becomes Canon

The plot focuses on Sarah Carter, who survived the ordeal of the first one thanks to a ret-conned ending in the American version of the original.

Unable to explain what happened, Sarah accompanies a rescue party sent to find her companions. No mention of what happened to the daughter she was hankering to get to, though.

The pictures look good, so we're quite happy for the moment. Let's hope the story and characterisation lives up to the high standards set by the original.

[Source: Ollie Upton via SlashFilm ]

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