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See how fans are writing and designing Mega Man Legends 3

Ever wanted to make your own game? Well, you can start attending college for a couple years, and then move right along to scraping together the millions of venture capital required to start your own studio and hire a development team%26hellip; Or wait, why not dive in, free and immediately, by contributing directly to Mega Man Legends 3 right now?!

How? Head on over toThe Development Room (opens in new tab),part of the Mega Man Legends 3 Project, where Capcom Unity is giving amateur writers, actors and designers the chance to permanently leave their stamp on the first entry in the Mega Man Legends series in over a decade.

Above: SomeHeroine design photos (opens in new tab). Aero, on right, will be part of the final game

Just recently the MML3 Project Dev Room allowed its community to design characters, mechs, and even vote on the name of the game%26rsquo;s newly unveiled heroine, Aero. Unfortunately,their latest event (opens in new tab), which let aspiring writers pen the dialogue, backstoriesand names for the townspeople, concluded yesterday. But hey, there are undoubtedly more opportunities to make your Mega markon thehorizon.

Above: The provided charactertemplates make game design look oh-so easy

This is pretty damned cool if you ask me. I can count the number of times a developer hasoffered us, the illustrious gaming press, the chance to contribute anything to the final build of a game on a singlehand. But here's Capcom givingeverybody the opportunity, at no cost, and for one of my most anticipated games no less! I%26rsquo;d hop on this quickly, fellas. The game can only encompassso many %26ldquo;Tron Boner%26rdquo; jokes.

Jan 6, 2010