George RR Martin in Bath next month [updated]

More details! The Game Of Thrones author is appearing in Bath in association with Topping & Company bookshop and SFX magazine

Want to meet fantasy writer George RR Martin? Sure you do. Good, because he's coming to the UK. As well as appearing at Eastercon , he'll be in SFX 's home town of Bath in April, courtesy of Topping %26 Company books.

The author of the popular series A Song Of Ice And Fire (on which the superb TV series Game Of Thrones is based) will be discussing his novels at St Michael's Church on Wednesday 4 April at 7pm . Doors open at 6:30pm. This is a change from the previously advertised time (at George RR Martin's request) so please make a note!

With its latest instalment, A Dance With Dragons , out now the Ice And Fire series has gained worldwide acclaim. This visit to Bath is a chance for locals to meet one of the titans of the modern fantasy scene and hear him talk about his craft, his career, and his characters.

All the early bird tickets have sold out! The standard ticket price now is £25 – and they're limited too so get booking now. Give Topping a ring on 01225 428 111 or drop into the bookshop for coffee if you live out west (9am - 8pm every day) and tell them SFX sent you.

Remember, that's an opportunity to meet one your favourite authors in Bath, on Wednesday 4 April; doors open at 6.30pm and the venue is at BA1 5LJ for you Google Maps users . More details on George RR Martin's trip to Bath on the Topping & Company website . For details of his other UK appearances, please visit the 2012 Eastercon website or the site of his UK publishers HarperCollins . There is an interview with George RR Martin in the current issue of the magazine .

Photograph: Karolina Webb

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