Second Sight snapped up

Expectations are running high for Second Sight. It's from the people behind the superb Timesplitters series, and clearly owes the FPS a visual debt. It's a more strictly plot-driven affair than the time travelling epic, though. You are John Vattic, the unfortunate soul who emerges from a coma at the start of the game. At this stage, you don't even know your own name. Total amnesia restricts your knowledge of events to a series of terrifying flashbacks: Siberia, covert operation - you know the kind of thing.

It quickly emerges that you're in the darkest of US dark-op labs, and that whatever fiendish experiments you've been subjected to have provided you with some actually-pretty-nifty psychic powers.

The powers at your disposal emerge with progression and include Healing, Projection to possess other characters, Charm to fool other characters and, best of all Psi-blast, which sends a destructive shockwave towards your enemies.

We predict that Second Sight will get an Autumn release on Xbox, Gamecube and PS2. Because it says so on the press release