Sea of Thieves will soon let you revive your fallen crewmates

Once the big Ships of Fortune update hits Sea of Thieves later this month, no longer will you be sent directly to the Ferryman and his ghost ship to await your revival. Sea of Thieves is getting a revive feature that lets you and your friends bring each other back from the dead to get back to the action quicker than before.

A new video on the Sea of Thieves YouTube channel announced the new feature and gave an in-depth explanation as to how it all works. Basically, crewmates and members of an alliance will be given 15 seconds (or 25 seconds in Arena mode) to get to their fallen comrades and hit the prompt to revive them. It takes about four seconds for a player to be revived, at which point they rise from the dead where they fell with 25% health.

Solo players, like myself, might immediately grimace at the thought of crews gaining an advantage in battle, but Rare is reducing the time you spend on the death ship "by a few seconds" to help level the playing field. Also, the process of reviving a crewmate means four seconds that you're entirely vulnerable to attack, so that's another potential upside to solo players. It remains to be seen how well this will play out on the open seas, but I'm sure Rare will be on top of things as usual with patches to sort out any unfairness.

Ships of Fortune is also adding an option to display Tall Tales on your ship's map, revealing the story missions' starting locations and eligibility requirements. Further, the update will let you switch on an optional feature that displays your crewmates' gamer tags from long distances and tells you a bit about what they're up to at any given moment. Finally, Arena quitters will soon be punished for their cowardice, a feature I feel has been a long time coming.

Before you set sail, be sure to check in with these essential Sea of Thieves tips before you ever need to be revived.

Jordan Gerblick

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