Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune update lets you fight for your favorite Trading Company and it's live now

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Update: Ships of Fortune is officially live for all Xbox Game Pass players on Xbox One and PC. Now you can join Reaper's Bones, the newest trading company and get increased rewards and cool cosmetic items by repping your company as an Emissary. All the details about the update can be found in the original story below, which includes a video outlining Ships of Fortune (and cats, don't forget the cats).

Original Story: The Sea of Thieves: Ships of Fortune update revealed during today's Inside Xbox livestream adds a new Trading Company, Emissary missions for all Trading Companies, and miscellaneous cosmetics including pet cats. As always, the update will be free to all players and launches April 22nd. 

Trading Companies are the focus of the update, starting with the new company called The Reaper's Bones. Unlike other companies, The Reaper's Bones exists solely to attack and plunder other companies. If that sounds like the ideal pirate life to you, head to The Reaper's Hideout to enlist.

Check the footage out below.

An Xbox Wire post helped expand on the video. The Reaper's Bones tie directly into the new Emissary missions which will be available at all Trading Companies. Simply put, by making a "significant donation" to your company, you can claim the role of Emissary - a representative acting in the name of your company. There are five grades to the Emissary role, and you can raise your grade by asserting and demonstrating your company's values. For The Reaper's Bones, that means attacking Emissaries of other companies, but for the Gold Hoarders, you'll want to loot treasure chests. 

Being an Emissary comes with several perks, starting with the exclusive Emissary Flag which, while quite prestigious, will also paint a target on your back for any Reapers. You'll also receive a loot multiplier based on your grade, and as you raise your grade, you'll earn special titles. 

On top of inevitable showdowns with The Reaper's Bones, the Ships of Fortune update is also pushing PvP via changes to the Arena. Matches have been shortened to 15 minutes, and they'll now feature a single chest and cash-in location to drive players to compete more viciously. Additionally, when you're defeated, you may be revived by your teammates before being sent to the Ferry of the Damned. Rare believes these changes "should allow for quicker gameplay loops as well as some new tactical choices for cooperative crews." 

A new update means new cosmetics, and the headliner for Ships of Fortune is the addition of pet cats. You'll get to choose between the wildcat, ragamuffin, and mau breeds, each with several color combinations. The update is also adding some new premium cosmetics to the Emporium, including the Night Wulf ship collection and cat outfits. You can get a closer look at these cosmetics and read more about the update on the Sea of Thieves website. 

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