Sea of Thieves season 5 is here, so go bury some treasure

Sea of Thieves season 5 has launched on Xbox and PC, introducing a key feature that should change up the gameplay loop quite a bit: the ability to bury your treasure.

Up until now, you've only been able to dig up treasure left by NPCs, but the headlining addition for Sea of Thieves' fifth season lets you bury and dig up other pirates' riches. Of course, buried treasure's worth naught if you forget where you put it, and thankfully the new feature lets you make a treasure map you can use to keep track of your treasure or, alternatively, share to the new quest board at any outpost as a challenge for other pirates. If they find your treasure, you'll get some Renown.

Of course, pirates aren't known for their honesty and trustworthiness, so if you're tracking down another player's treasure, always be prepared for the possibility that what you're digging up is actually an explosive barrel. 

Speaking of explosives, you can also light up the sky with fireworks and signal flares, which come in different colors and designs you can find in barrels or buy in themed crates from the Merchant Alliance. Fireworks and flares can be fired off from your ship's cannons to signal your impending doom or simply celebrate the night.

Season 5 also adds another 100 tiers of rewards free to all players, as well as a new Plunder Pass with premium rewards. There's also a bevy of quality-of-life updates including sitting and sleeping, new shanties, whispering, and more. Get the full patch notes here to see everything that's been added.

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