Sea of Thieves season 4 trailer previews underwater Siren battles and new Coral loot

The first proper Sea of Thieves season 4 trailer is here, breaking down everything coming in this week's free expansion including underwater Siren shrines for the plundering, bountiful Treasuries, new loot, and loads more.

Sea of Thieves season 4 follows the current season's Pirates of the Caribbean adventures by introducing a new underwater activity in the form of six distinct Siren shrines. Rare says each shrine poses unique challenges, and it looks like you'll be tasked with fighting off enemies as well as solving puzzles to earn your loot. Meanwhile, Treasuries will offer a more battle-focused challenge, pitting players against waves of Sirens, coral-plated monsters, and other deep sea-dwelling threats.

Of course, we do it all for the loot, and there's a ton of new stuff to tempt you into overcoming your thalassophobia. And crucially, Sea of Thieves season 4 adds a new mechanic that lets you safely store your underwater loot at Merfolk statues and then have above water mermaids retrieve it at your convenience.

New Sunken Kingdom Commendations will give you the chance to earn a gorgeous new shipset as well as new weapons and a new body scar. If you manage to collect everything in the Sunken Kingdom collection, you'll be rewarded with the new Coral Curse tattoo.

The new season will also add another 100 levels of rewards to unlock, free for all players. Earn enough Renown throughout the season and you'll be rewarded with the new Siren's Wrath ship parts and Wicked Web clothing set.

If you feel like parting ways with some real-life plunder, you can pick up a new Plunder Pass as a separate purchase to unlock 11 new Pirate Emporium items, including the Halloween-themed Jack-O-Looter costume, matching weapons, and autumnal-themed ship set.

Sea of Thieves season 4 goes live on Thursday, September 23.

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