Sea of Thieves' holiday event adds Gift Seeker Voyages and tutorial mode

'Tis the season of generosity in Sea of Thieves, as the Festival of Giving event is now live and adds Gift Seeker Voyages, a new tutorial mode called Maiden Voyage, and a load of other holiday-themed content.

The lore behind the Gift Seeker Voyages isn't your average holiday story. Apparently, a massive shipment of gifts was lost to the sea and somehow scattered across the map, and Stitcher Jim wants you to collect them and deliver them to his "love" at The Reaper's Hideout - his love being this absolutely lovely masked stranger.

(Image credit: Rare/Microsoft)

Never mind why Stitcher Jim's beloved is so greedy for gifts this season, as you're rewarded with Doubloons for your service. To take on Gift Seeker Voyages, simply visit Stitcher Jim in any tavern. And in the spirit of the holiday season, you can also choose to leave any gifts you find under the brightly-lit and very festive mast on The Reaper's Hideout for special Commendations.

The other major update now available to Sea of Thieves players is the Maiden Voyage mode, a tutorial for new players to learn the ropes in a safe space before taking on the open seas. The tutorial can be accessed by any Sea of Thieves player and takes you to an offline island to practice sailing and docking your ship, battling skellies, and finding treasure.

The Festival of Giving update also adds new themed items to the Pirate Emporium and Black Market - check out the complete release notes straight from Rare for a complete look at everything new, including balancing updates and bug fixes.

Holidays are always better with a few pets around, so find your new friend with our Sea of Thieves animal location guide. 

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