Scarlett Johansson nabs three roles

She might have been quiet since The Prestige, but Scarlett Johansson, like many of her acting peers, has been grabbing film roles left, right and centre to beat next summer’s possible strike.

She’s set to appear in The Nanny Diaries, is finishing up work on The Other Boleyn Girl and has just agreed to three very different film roles she’ll fit in between the end of this year and the middle of next.

First up, she’s the latest addition to the sprawling cast of He’s Just Not That Into You, the romantic comedy based on the dating advice tome. We reported on Jennifer Aniston considering a role in the movie, but Johansson has no such qualms – she’s in, playing a Pilates instructor and wannabe singer who has an affair with a married bloke and hopes he’ll leave his wife for her.

Even more exciting is word that she’s agreed to play a femme fatale in Frank Miller’s cinematic adaptation of comic book classic The Spirit. Johansson will crop up alongside star Gabriel Macht as the sexy, curvy, deadly Silk N Floss, accomplice to evil mastermind The Octopus (Samuel L Jackson).

Finally there’s a role that she’s been coveting for a while – she’s producing and starring in Mary Queen Of Scots, which is back on thanks to the arrival of new director John Curran. It’s a period tale that follows the early life of the queen and her relationship with the Earl of Bothwell. Just try not to get too distracted by all heaving bosom action when it starts filming in March here in Blighty.

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