Scarface - tips and tricks

Dress to kill

Military Chic
You only get to wear this suit once, and that’s in the tutorial mode at the start of the game that takes the form of a flashback into Tony’s time in Cuba.

Hawaiian Print
After being turfed out of your mansion, these are the only threads Tony has. Enter “HAWAII” as a cheat code to allow you to change into them at any time.

A lovely suit cut that’s elegant but still manly. This for is when Tony is doing well. Enter “BLACK” as a cheat code to allow you to don it at any time.

Blue pinstripe
This blue pinstripe is perfect for visits to the bank and meeting up with other dealers. To unlock it, enter the code “BLUESH” in the cheat menu.

Gray with shades
To unlock this, enter “GRAYSH” in the cheat menu. If you don’t like the sunglasses, just enter “GRAY” instead. It’s good alternative to the blue pinstripe.

With a gorgeous crimson shirt, this has a touch of the Saturday Night Fevers. Just enter “WHITE” in the cheat menu, and then find the nearest party.