Scarface - tips and tricks

The grand piano
Price: $120,000
Reputation points: 50,000
Presumably Tony is self taught - we can’t really see him going to lessons. Bet he plays a mean Chopsticks.

The solid gold tiger
Price: $3,000,000
Reputation points: 2,550,000
Probably bought in memory of the white tiger that he lost at the start of the game. This one eats less, though.

The dumpster
Price: Free
Reputation points: Zero
Just like the crate and the barrel this won’t cost a thing, and adds an interesting industrial feel to the mansion.

The Inca gold
Price: $160,000
Reputation points: 450,000
Another case of money well spent, as it sends your reputation rocketing for a relatively low sum.

The Inca mummy
Price: $450,000
Reputation points: 550.000
Not as attractive as the gold, not as cost effective either, but it shows Tony’s cultured and intellectual side.