Scarface - tips and tricks

It’s not just about making money and swearing at people in The World Is Yours. Building up your reputation is essential, and can be done by spending stupid amounts of money decorating your mansion. Here’re some of the best buys.

The milk crate
Price: Free
Reputation points: Zero
Perhaps not the obvious item to pimp your mansion with, but it is free and at the start of the game you should take what you can.

The exploding barrel
Price: Free
Reputation points: Zero
A videogame staple you can position anywhere you want in your home. Free of charge, but fun to blow up.

The bong
Price: $2000
Reputation points: 1000
A surprise inclusion - we thought Tony had different taste in recreational pastimes. Adds a hippy vibe to the place.

The drinks machine
Price: $2500
Reputation points: 3000
Tony loves his Coke and he’s a busy man, so what better way to get thirst-quenching soda than this machine?