Say goodbye to Halo Wars ranked multiplayer support on December 15

Get your fix while you can, because the Halo Wars official website is coming down. The forums, the stat-tracking, and ranked matches are all going bye-bye in very short order. In its place will emerge %26lsquo;Halo Waypoint,' but that should come as little consolation to the Halo Wars community. Waypoint will not be carrying over any old posts, stats, or even accounts.

Microsoft has called Waypoint the %26ldquo;Home for all things Halo.%26rdquo; An odd descriptor, since will continue to run their Halo titles; and Halo Wars will not be given its own category on the site. There may be a tiny bright spot for fans of the game, as Halo Wars will be getting a new update, but it may be a bitter pill as it addresses none of the balancing issues and removes functionality from the game.

Remember Ensemble Studios(a remnant site for the now defunct developer of Halo Wars) advises players to %26lsquo;enjoy their time while they can,' but promises to back up at least some of the developer blogs before they are cast into oblivion when goes down. For a game called %26lsquo;the best-selling real time strategy game for consoles,' this seems like anodd move.

The doors will be closing for good on December 15th.

Nov 21, 2010