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If you want a night in with friends on the cheap, these cheap board games fit the bill - and some of them have been hit with discounts up to 61%, bringing the overall cost well below $10. More importantly, they're awesome.

One of the top discounts is Blockbuster, bringing the price crashing down to $8.53 at Amazon (was $21.99). As we mentioned in our Blockbuster: The Game review, it's got the secret sauce of being accessible but also engaging enough that you'll keep coming back over and over again. And even though that's not its lowest ever price, it isn't far off. That reduction is still aggressively good so far as cheap board games go, too.

Codenames Duet is in a similar position. Slashed to just $13.99 at Amazon instead of $24.95, it's perfect if you want something for date night or a quiet evening in.

We've listed the top offers on board games below, and more can be found further down the page if these don't tickle your fancy.

Blockbuster | $21.99$8.53 at Amazon
Save 61% - UK price: £9.99 at John Lewis

Blockbuster | $21.99 $8.53 at Amazon
Save 61% - This has been one of our go-to board game recommendations for years, and that's because it's an absolute gem. As a mix between charades and head-to-head challenges, it's a delight and well worth buying now that it's dropped into impulse-purchase territory.

UK price: £9.99 at John Lewis

The Mind | $12.99$10.99 at Amazon
Save 15% - UK price: £10.99£8.99 at Amazon

The Mind | $12.99 $10.99 at Amazon
Save 15% - How good are you at communication? It's time to find out. This is a clever little party game about playing cards in order... but without saying a word. Because big gestures aren't allowed, you'll need to think of another way to get your message across. It's a compelling challenge that will keep you coming back, particularly at that price.

UK price: £10.99 £8.99 at Amazon

P for Pizza | $15$12.99 at Amazon
Save 13% - UK price: £6.99 at John Lewis (check store stock)

P for Pizza | $15 $12.99 at Amazon
Save 13% - If you're looking for good 2-player board games or something to play with a small group of friends, P for Pizza is a must-have. A matching game where you have to think up a word based on a prompt before anyone else, it's quickfire fun without being too taxing on the ol' noggin. This is its lowest ever price, too.

UK price: £6.99 at John Lewis (check store stock)

Linkee | $14.83$13.49 at Amazon
Save 10% - UK price: £22.99£18.99 at Amazon

Linkee | $14.83 $13.49 at Amazon
Save 10% - It's only a small discount, but considering how good Linkee is, we aren't complaining. A team party game that has you trying to figure out the connection between four seemingly random things, it's a good icebreaker so is ideal for get-togethers with a lot of people present.

UK price: £22.99 £18.99 at Amazon

Codenames Duet | $24.95$13.99 at Amazon
Save 44% - UK price: £15.95 at Amazon (no discount)

Codenames Duet | $24.95 $13.99 at Amazon
Save 44% - Want to take a break from competitive board games? This co-op spin on the classic Codenames is an excellent choice. You and your partner each know the identity of different secret agents on the board, and the aim is to uncover them all... but you can only communicate through code and associations. That makes for an engaging challenge and a good bonding experience all in one, so we can highly recommend it if you've got a couple's date night booked in.

UK price: £15.95 at Amazon (no discount)

Codenames | $19.95$15.97 at Amazon
Save 20% - UK price: £19.99£17.37 at Amazon

Codenames | $19.95 $15.97 at Amazon
Save 20% - Eager to prove you're better than your friends? Here's your chance. The classic Codenames party game challenges you to uncover secret agents on the board using codewords and associations, but the key is doing so faster than your rivals. It's beloved for a reason, so this one comes highly recommended.

UK price: £19.99 £17.37 at Amazon

The Chameleon | $18.50$16.82 at Amazon
Save 10% - UK price: £24.99 at Amazon (no discount)

The Chameleon | $18.50 $16.82 at Amazon
Save 10% - How good are you at lying? The Chameleon puts that to the best in a one of the best bluffing board games. Most players see a topic they have to come up with a word to describe it, but one (the secret chameleon) has no idea what that topic is. As such, they've got to fit in and try not to get exposed. It's brilliant.

UK price: £24.99 at Amazon (no discount)

If you ask us, many of these have a place on lists of the best party board games; they're real crowd-pleasers that won't get boring too quickly. They'll also go down very well with folks who don't play board games on the regular, mostly because they're so accessible.

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