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You can save roughly 50% on a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this handy deal

You can save roughly 50% on a year of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate with this handy deal
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Although the service itself is great, it's no secret that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals are often pricey. A three-month membership will set you back $40 / £30, for example. However, this cool workaround lets you get four months for a lot less: buy an annual EA Play subscription for a discounted $26.99 / £18.99 at CD Keys and you can redeem it on your console for four months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That essentially saves you $10 / £10 in the process.

Because you can stack Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals, this also means you can quickly top up for a year-long membership at a fraction of the cost. To be precise, you can get three EA Play codes one after the other for $81 / £57 in total and then redeem them all for 12 months of Game Pass. That's a good amount less than the $160 / £120 it would cost you in equivalent three-month Ultimate cards. 

Happily, these offers are all digital as well. That means you don't need to worry about waiting for delivery - the codes appear in your inbox almost straight away.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate deals

EA Play deal (12 months) | $31.19 $26.99 at CD Keys US / £21.99 £18.99 at CD Keys UK
Get this 12-month offer on EA Play and redeem it for four months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. Because the deal stacks, you can quickly build up a full year of Ultimate for a fraction of the usual cost. View Deal

If you're on the fence about Game Pass, it's worth taking the plunge thanks to this offer. It's like Netflix for gaming: you get access to more than 100 games each month, and that library includes everything from new hits like Control to classics such as the Gears of War series. You'll also get all Xbox exclusives at no extra cost as and when they launch. The service is honestly one the best things that Xbox has done in the last few years.

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