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Save a massive 49% on a year-long subscription to our favorite VPN

Save a massive 49% on a year-long subscription to our favorite VPN
(Image credit: ExpressVPN)

Getting a VPN subscription this winter might not stand out as a must-get acquisition upon first inspection. However, it could be a real savior this holiday season with all the travelling we'll all be doing, meaning we're away from our usual services and devices, possibly even overseas.

But let me back up for one second, however. Some of you may be thinking: what actually is a VPN? It stands for ‘Virtual Private Network’ and works to keep your information secure. What’s more, and very handily for accessing country-specific streaming services, VPNs allow you to get around ‘geo-blocking’, a process where some content isn’t available in certain parts of the world. Getting around this is very helpful if you’re on vacation and want to catch up on a show you can access at home but not abroad. Basically, the VPNs can 'trick' the internet into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not. All you need to do is log in as normal, and voila; it’s business as usual. Handy.

And right now you can take advantage of a great offer from one of our favorite providers: ExpressVPN are offering a massive 49% discount on their 12 month package, and they're throwing in three free months too, all for just $6.67 a month

Express VPN is a great all rounder as it will let you hop between 148 spoofed locations in 94 countries, giving you massive choice when it comes to your international access. There's also no logging of your traffic or browsing data, and connection speeds are pretty solid too. With a 30-day money back guarantee, you can also feel secure in your ability to test things out, if you're not entirely sure. 

VPN Subscription | 12-months + 3 FREE months | just $6.67 a month at ExpressVPN
This is a standout deal for a handy service, that'll means you're never far away from your favorite online services no matter where you travel this holiday season.View Deal

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