Wild new Disney Lorcana character mashups look like they're from D&D

Disney Lorcana Cinderella card with Cinderella in knightly armor
(Image credit: Ravensburger)

The next Disney Lorcana set has been revealed, but many of its characters have been twisted into new forms that could easily be taken from a D&D book.

Called 'Disney Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn,' this new set introduces the idea of beloved heroes (and villains, naturally) that have been transformed by a strange kind of magical ink. This leads to mashups like a knightly Cinderella armed with a sword that has a pumpkin-style hilt, not to mention Belle wielding a bow with arrows topped by roses. Many of them look as if they'd fit in with a D&D campaign - particularly 'Gaston, Intellectual Powerhouse' who definitely has something wizarding about him.

Rise of the Floodborn will arrive in specialist stores on November 17 and at mass retail from December 1. Pre-orders aren't live yet, but we'll let you know when they are - the first set has been selling out all over the place (which isn't surprising, considering how it's arguably one of the best card games of this year). 

Along with some characters we've seen before, this new set will also introduce icons from other Disney movies that haven't been given the Lorcana treatment yet. Alongside Mulan and Winnie the Pooh (who features here as a "Hunny Wizard," which sounds like the best RPG build ever), Raya and the Last Dragon is also making its debut in card-form here. Tiana from Princess and the Frog is on-hand as well, along with The Jungle Book, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Great Mouse Detective, Pinocchio, and Zootopia.

These will come as booster packs, in an Illumineer's Trove, and in two starter decks. They all continue the ongoing Lorcana story and tell a tale where all six inks (e.g. the game's 'types,' if we're to use Pokemon language) are muddled together and have been transforming fan favorite characters into something new.

"The response to the release of the Disney Lorcana TCG has been astounding," says Ravensburger global head of games Filip Francke. "The game has only been available for about a month, and fans are already eager for more. As we work diligently behind the scenes to meet current demand, we’re also planning incredible updates and new sets for years to come that we can’t wait to share. We’re excited to reveal a little more about what is coming this holiday to expand the game and story for this year."

Naturally, plenty of accessories will be arriving to coincide with this new set. You'll be able to get new deck boxes, card sleeves, and play mats to coincide with Rise of the Floodborn.

Alongside Rise of the Floodborn, a Disney 100-themed set is also on the way. Disney Lorcana: Disney100 Edition will arrive just in time for the Holiday season and features six cards from the original set as well as the new one. These cards also feature never-before-seen artwork drawn by animators from Walt Disney Animation Studios. They'll set you back $49.99.

For more on the game, don't miss our thoughts on why Disney Lorcana is the trading card game we need right now. Yet to dive in, on the other hand? Check out our Disney Lorcana first impressions and discover which of the Disney Lorcana starter decks is right for you.

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