Give Savage Spider-Man a big kiss with this 7-page preview of #1

Savage Spider-Man #1 excerpt
Savage Spider-Man #1 excerpt (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

While moviegoers worldwide are flocking to see three Peter Parkers in No Way Home (oh c'mon, everyone's got to know by now!) Marvel is getting ready to introduce readers to a transformed Peter Parker, with a new limited series titled Savage Spider-Man. 

When is Spider-Man 'Savage' and not 'Amazing' or 'Spectacular' you ask? 

When he looks like this thing to your right...

Savage Spider-Man #1 main cover by Nick Bradshaw (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Savage Spider-Man is writer Joe Kelly and artist Gerardo Sandoval's five-issue horror-tinged series that features Peter Parker's "shocking" transforming into what Marvel describes as "a savage beast!" and a "monstrous new being," as Peter finds himself on a "wild journey filled with horror, savage thrills, and self-discovery."

"What happens when Spider-Man loses all those things that make him a hero - his heart, his spirit, his mind? What's left? That's where we are left after the Immaculatum and Zemo had their way with Spidey in Non-Stop: a Spider moving on anger and instinct," Kelly states. "This chapter of the saga takes us to these places with Peter... I just hope there's something left in there to pull him back out."

"You may think you've seen a monstrous or vicious Spider-Man before, but never like this," Marvel's Spider-Man group editor Nick Lowe adds in the announcement. "This book is so intense that you're going to need to put it down between pages to get your breath back."

Check out seven pages from Savage Spider-Man #1 here:

If you're thinking to yourself 'Hey, isn't Joe Kelly already writing a Spider-Man ongoing book, Non-Stop Spider-Man?' you would be correct - though there's news on that front: it's over.

Between the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on the summer 2020 shipping schedule and Non-Stop Spider-Man series artist Chris Bachalo contracting COVID-19 himself (he's okay now), that series had several delays - and was on hiatus prior to its cancellation.

Now it seems Marvel is switching gears, with Joe Kelly's Spider-Man story continuing on from Non-Stop Spider-Man into this Savage Spider-Man limited series with new artist Gerardo Sandoval.

"Spider-Man is always a huge challenge to draw, he's not an easy character for an artist. But at the same time Spider-Man is a huge joy to draw and now we have a Savage Spider-Man who provides an even bigger challenge for an artist," says Sandoval. 

"I have the pages that I am working on and I can say that I am doing my best work here for sure. Joe Kelly is the kind of writer that understands an artist needs enough room to create great illustrations and it makes my work easier and more fun. I really hope you enjoy this new book as much as I do!"

Nick Bradshaw has drawn the primary cover to Savage Spider-Man #1, with variant covers from Gerado Sandoval, Inhyuk Lee, Josemaria Casanovas, Kyle Hotz (two versions), Logan Lubera, Mark Bagley, Pere Perez, Rahzzah, Ron Lim, and Skottie Young. Check them out here:

February 2's debut issue will feature variant covers by Ron Lim and Spider-Man legend Mark Bagley.

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