San Andreas: 3D will be the next big disaster movie

San Andreas: 3D is to be the next big earthquake disaster movie hoping to scare the world silly.

As the title suggests, the action film will focus on earthquakes along the fault line between California and Nevada, potentially ending the world as the West Coast of the US knows it.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps writer Allen Loeb has already penned the first draft of the script.

Through the destruction, the story will follow a man who is travelling from Los Angeles to San Francisco to reconcile with his children and ex-wife, who is living with someone else.

Not that different from 2009’s disaster movie 2012 then.

Journey To The Centre Of The Earth ’s Beau Flynn will be producing and is currently looking for a director to take on the project.

Will the fact that the destruction's coming in 3D help to freshen up the genre? We'll have to wait and see...