Sam and Max Wii-bound?

Games of all shapes and sizes are descending upon Nintendo's fun-for-all console these days, from new versions of thug 'em up Godfather to Sonic to kitchen cutie Cooking Mama. Get ready to add "Classic PC adventure game" to that growing list, as developer Telltale Games is looking for tech-mind people to drive a new Wii title. You can check the listinghere.

While that name may not mean much to the average joe, Telltale's record speaks for itself - point-and-clicker Sam and Max was revived last year after many years of silence and has already delivered three clever, memorable adventures. The developer also houses some ex-LucasArts folks who built classics like Day of the Tentacle and the Monkey Island series.

Wii's remote makes it the perfect candidate for new, possibly episodic content from Telltale, seeing as point-and-click can't get much easier than pointing with the remote and clicking its buttons. Whether or not Telltale's Wii game will be new or a port is unknown, but to get a fix on what they're offering, check out ourreviewfor Sam and Max's latest, The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball.

January 30, 2007