Saint's Row Live demo busted open

Thursday 3 August 2006
Cunning Xbox 360 gamers have uncovered a glitch in the Xbox Live demo of GTA-a-like crime romp Saint's Row that enables you to escape the walled-in demo area and explore the whole city at your leisure - there's even an AK47 up for grabs.

Here's how it works: Park a car next to the impassable red barrier and punch the Y button twice. If you've done it right, you'll leap out of the car and straight through the barrier. Now you can roam the rest of the city, and pick up an AK47 hidden away in a sports court. If you're having trouble, here's a YouTube video showing the glitch in action.

A second YouTube video alsodirects you to the location of the AK47, as well as displaying a different way to beat the barrier. Grab the AK and you can use the same barrier-leaping trick to get back into the demo area and use it in the available missions. Brilliant, eh? If you have any other demo-beating tips, why not head into the GamesRadar forums and tell everyone about them?