Saints Row 4 Switch release date set for late March

The Saints Row 4 Nintendo Switch release date is March 27, bringing the open-world game of superpowered sci-fi presidency to a Nintendo console for the first time.

Publisher Deep Silver confirmed the game is heading to Switch after it was outed by early retailer listings, and it's exactly what you'd expect: Saints Row 4: Re-Elected, with all the DLC bundled in, playable on Switch. That includes the DLC story expansions Enter the Dominatrix, which is packed with in-jokes about the weird development story behind Saints Row 4, and How The Saints Save Christmas, which is basically a Saints Row holiday special starring the gang and Santa Claus.

While Saints Row: Gat out of Hell went to Actual Hell, Saints Row 4 is really where the story went off the rails. Players go from the leaders of an ambitious crime syndicate to Presidents of the United States of America, then become the Presidents of Nothing when the Earth is destroyed by an evil alien overlord. Then said alien sticks you in a simulation of the city from Saints Row The Third but this time with digital superpowers. Remember when Saints Row was a GTA clone?

This may not be the announcement that dedicated Saints Row fans were hoping to hear. Still, you don't have to worry about this project taking time away from Saints Row 5. Volition, the main developer behind the series, has confirmed that it didn't work on the Switch ports of either Saints Row 3 or 4. Meanwhile, publisher Deep Silver has teased that the next Saints Row will be announced some time this year, so things are finally starting to come together for Saints fans.

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