Saints Row 4 dated for August. Get the first trailer right here

Deep Silver has confirmed that Saints Row 4 will launch in the US on 20 August, and the UK on 23 August. It’s confirmed for current-generation consoles and PC. To accompany the news, the game’s new-found publisher released a teaser trailer to give us our first taste of the game’s inevitable madness.

SR4 focuses on the Third Street Saints, who have become leaders of the free-world after their leader is elected President. Catastrophe strikes when an alien force invades and – to add to the crazy – sends the Saints into an enhanced simulation of Steelport City… a simulation that randomly gives them super-human powers. Yeah, it’s pretty off-the-wall.

The game is very similar in look and feel to Saints Row The Third – no surprise considering it was originally planned to be a hefty slice of DLC. Thankfully, the similarities mean that you can expect plenty of bizarre costumes, outrageous violence, some full-frontal nudity, and loads of crotch-punching.

Andy Hartup