Saints Row 2 - hands-on

After growing tired of aimless destruction, we found our first mission, and set out to find a map of the trailer park. We blew away no small number of rival gang members as we navigated to the flashy part of our minimap, reaching a beat up old store. Behind the glass door was a female gang member wearing a green t-shirt and bikini bottom. We tried shooting her through the glass door, but alas, the glass was bulletproof. The store owner had not bulletproofed the windows next to the door, however, and we busted in.

Our vigilant guard did not move. If we stood in front of her gun, she fired. If we stepped away, she stood like a Buckingham Palace Beefeater. We shot her in the head and moved on.

In the next room, we decided to ditch our gun for a pool cue. The number of usable objects littered around the area was impressive - beer cans, tires, chairs - all available for bashing people on the head with. Our pool cue was semi-effective at whacking cracked-out gangbangers, and we used it until we found the glowing blue beam of light that represented the map we had set out for.

After discovering the map, we were tasked with blowing up "dust labs" around the park, and were provided with several satchel charges, a new weapon in the game. Satchel charges are remote detonating sticky bombs, good for sticking on cars, people, or anything else you don't like.

The mission was finished without much fanfare - our minimap pointed us to the doomed labs and we stuck and detonated them, creating flashes of white light and little panic from the surrounding civilians, who are, we suppose, quite used to stuff blowing up in the drug infested trailer park.