Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

We're genuinely excited about Sacred 2: Fallen Angel for the PC. The promising title looks like the next natural step for those with any love for dungeon crawlers like Diablo or Titan Quest. Unfortunately, we doubt the 360 version will strike the same chord, as its audience may be unfamiliar with the mostly PC-centric genre.

Visually, Sacred 2 has come far since its predecessor first released. Small details, like blades of grass swaying gently in the breeze or your character becoming wet in the rain, give the game's tried-and-true dungeon crawling gameplay the fresh coat it deserves.

Above: Sacred 2 looks great on the PC, but doesn’t seem as impressive on the 360 version

These serene, high fantasy scenes would be nothing, however, without the satisfying sound of monsters screaming in pain as you carve your way through hordes of baddies in the name of treasure and XP. Sacred 2 will have plenty spread out across its giant world, which looks more like an MMO in terms of size.

A few more unusual character classes also make an appearance, offering a nice change of pace from the typical fighters and casters. Without a doubt, the Seraphim wins the award for the most cleavage we've ever seen on an angel. As a master of hand-to-hand and armed combat, we're guessing she needs armor that won't constrict her movement. This would go a long way towards explaining why her plate mail must reveal her bare midriff and inner thighs so prominently.

Above: All low level High Elves must fight for their lives in exotic swimsuits, which are sometimes referred to as 'cloth armor' in RPGs like these