Rumour: Warner planning Ninjago film before LEGO Movie sequel?

With The LEGO Movie doing sterling work at the box office, and scoring a whole host of rave reviews to boot, the block-based franchise’s stock has never been higher.

So while greenlighting a sequel would seem to be a no-brainer for Warner, the studio may yet have another plan up its sleeve, with a possible Ninjago film reportedly in the pipeline.

Ninjago is a ninja-themed offshoot of the traditional LEGO universe, and it’s a sub-franchise Warner is apparently keen to bring to the big screen as a standalone adventure.

A script is already in place courtesy of Dan and Kevin Hageman, with Charlie Bean set to direct, and Phil Lord and Chris Miller among the producers alongside Dan Lin and Roy Lee.

Indeed, the only question at this stage is whether Warner pours all its efforts into getting the Ninjago film up and running, or moves forward with a LEGO sequel without delay.

Whichever way you cut it, it seems that our little yellow pals are here to stay. And if the quality of The LEGO Movie can be maintained, that’s surely a good thing…

George Wales

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