Rumour mill: MacGyver the movie?

MacGyver, one of the coolest/cheesiest shows of the ‘80s not called The A-Team, might be headed for the big screen.

For those unaware of this chunk of action excellence, the show featured the adventures of government agent Angus MacGyver (Richard Dean Anderson), who always managed to find a way out of tricky situations thanks to his uncanny ability to work with the objects around him. Give him s penknife, some wire, a couple of shot glasses and some pencil shavings and chances are he can build a gun.

Now the show’s original creator (and inspiration for the character) Lee David Zitoff has announced that he cannily got the rights to the movie back and is planning a big screen outing for the adaptable hero.

There’s no word on whether Richard Dean Anderson will take the lead or they’ll opt for a franchise reboot, and the thing doesn’t even have a script yet, let alone finance or any other of those pesky things films need to get made. Still, if it does happen, expect The Simpsons’ Patti and Selma to be second in line. After our man in LA. Can you say “childhood obsession”?

Tech blog Gizmodo got the goods .